Saturday, May 23, 2015

At last after 6 years.

I bought Cornmeal and Dovedale from England at least six years ago; it's been so long ago I can't remember exactly when. They have struggled to adapt to the Swedish climate as do many of the auriculas I obtain from England; I believe that they are simply not used to the long dark cold winters. It takes a while for these imported auriculas to adapt to the conditions here and the weaker ones simply die off.
But finally Cornmeal has bloomed; not the greatest of grey edges but has large pips. I’ve tried all sorts of feeds and soils but nothing worked until I fed it with Neem Cake, it not only increased in strength but has produced its first pip. Dovedale has also increased in strength after nearly dying a couple of times over the past few years, but no pips yet
Cornmeal, pip.
Dovedale alive but no pips.

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