Monday, April 27, 2015

Auriculas in the North of Sweden, Vargviksgårdens Trädgård

Märta's auricula bed blooming in August 2014
Above can be seen Märta's raised Auricula bed in her garden in the north of Sweden.
Märta's garden is near Burträsk inVästerbotten County, Swedish zone 5/6 (USA zone 5a); so it gets pretty cold there. Märta has cleverly grown her auriculas in this raised bed now for two winters without losing any of her auriculas. The raised bed protects the auriculas from the very hard winds and from the baking summer sun.
You can visit Märta’s garden from the 6th June until September, click on the following link to see some pictures of her auriculas and her colourful garden.
I’m just about to send some more auriculas to Märta, some of these are already in bloom; a couple of them can be seen below.
Saga (Double) on her way to Märta
Blue Jean (Border) is also on its way to Märta

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