Thursday, June 12, 2014

Don Carlos April to June

Don Carlos 11th June
The same Don Carlos auricula has been blooming for almost two months now, I've taken some pictures at intervals to show how it has progressed. It is another of those auriculas where the blooms change colour as they mature. Ray
Don Carlos 18th April
28th April
13th May
30th May


  1. Vilken superläcker aurikula! Har tyvärr knappt några kvar längre i min trädgård. Får ta en tur åt dina trakter i sommar och inhandla nya. Spar en Don Carlos till mig. Har du försäljning på Hallagården i år också?

    1. Yes, I still have a selection of auriculas for sale at Hallagården; regretfully Don Carlos is not amongst them. Don Carlos is a relatively new auricula in my collection and a few will be available in 2015, I will keep one aside for you. I do have one or two Inga-Lills available. Very best wishes. Ray