Saturday, May 3, 2014

Willie's Auriculas in Scotland

Joy, Sirius & Wincha
Willie a new member in Elgin, Scotland has kindly sent some pictures and text about his lovely auricula collection.
Thank you Willie.
"I am a newcomer to Sweden's Auriculas and have enjoyed seeing some new and exciting plants on the website. I have been growing auriculas for many years. These are a few of this year's flowers from my little open greenhouse which I photographed over the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy them. The seedling is a recent addition, grown from seed from a Sirius plant. It is a very deep Rose Pink, with a pretty little sprinkle of farina on the colour. Successes are rare. I love this one. It would be nice if you liked it too. Best wishes from the north of Scotland. Brrr! it is cold here after a very warm spring."
Willie Wilson
Left view of Willie's Greenhouse

Right view of Willie's Greenhouse
McWatt's Blue
Willie's seeedling from Sirius
Close up of Willie's  Sirius seedling


  1. Greetings from Scotland. We have recently visited Angus Plants who had their Open Day to show the National Collection of Auriculas. They have formed the Scottish Auricula Society and plan a show next year.
    Betty Wilson Fancy Auricula - look it up on Google

  2. A lovely collection Willie, the Sirius seedling is lovely, as is Joy, I will have to track her down and add her to our collection.
    We too are looking forward to the new Scottish Auricula Society starting this year.