Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The winning names in auricula competition are Marsipan & Sigge


Winners in naming the seedlings Nr. 32 & Nr. 46

There were over 40 entries in the competition; it was hard to choose the names as all were well thought out and suitable for the two seedling auriculas. But after a lot of consideration I found two names which were a little bit different and I think suitable for the two plants.

The two winners in the naming of the two seedlings that were shown at Sweden’s Auricula Weekend in May are:-

Seedling Nr. 32 is now named   MARSIPAN   after the suggestion from Ulla-Britt in Vintrosa, Nerike

Seedling Nr. 46 is now named   SIGGE    after the suggestion from Margareta in Sävjö

Congratulations to both Ulla-Britt & Margareta. Your 100:- voucher for purchasing auriculas from Ray’s Perennials have been emailed to you.

Thank you to all those who participated in the competition and coming up with some wonderful names for the seedlings.

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