Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring care: part 2 Auriculas in borders.

Auriculas that are grown in garden borders require just a small amount of attention in the spring.
I just clean up the borders from old dead leaves, remove any weeds in the border, and inspect the Auriculas for any old and damaged leaves.
Gently push down or replant any Auriculas that have been pushed up out of the soil by the frosts exposing their roots. If the whole border has been affected you can top-dress the border with fresh soil to cover the exposed roots.
Fred Booley growing in border
When the temperature has warmed up and the Auriculas have put on some new growth I use a little granular general purpose feed at half the described dose.
Now it is just to wait for those wonderful blooms to appear.
Minley growing in border
Next week I will write about Farina on Auriculas.

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