Monday, March 11, 2013


SONJA showing Farina on her leaves
Farina is the meal or powder that can be found on some Auriculas.
It can be seen on their leaves, stem and flower heads.

SOFIA with Farina on her leaves & forming stripes
It also can form the stripes on the striped groups blooms and in its thickest form it creates the ring of paste, particularly visible on the self’s. The Grey and White Edges are formed by this coating of Farina.
Åke with a centre ring of paste formed from Farina
LENA showing Farina forming the grey edge & paste ring
Why some auriculas have this Farina or meal on them I have not been able to find a specific reason for. Some say it is to protect the leaves from strong sunlight, others say that it helps deter insects and other animals from feeding on auriculas. From my own experience I can say that both the Roe deer and the hares that frequent my garden do not eat or damage any of my auriculas. I do find the odd small green caterpillar on some of my auriculas, but they are so few and so small they are not a real problem. So perhaps it does work as some kind of protection.

Whatever the reason I think it certainly enhances the look of many of the auriculas and of course without it there would be no Grey or White Edges. 
The only problem with Farina is that it can be spoiled by the rain; therefore I recommend that those with a heavy coating of Farina are grown in pots so that they can be protected from heavy rain 
MAJ'S white edge & centre ring of paste formed from Farina
Close up of Farina
Starling showing Farina on the petals

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  1. Auriklarna väcker helt klart känslor! De är verkligen alldeles 'egna' skönheter och jag kommer inte på just nu något annat släkte än Primula som har farina på blad eller blommor.
    Underbara bilder!/Anja