Saturday, February 9, 2013

Displaying Auriculas

East facing Auricula Theatre

There are many ways you can display your auriculas. You can display them in a traditional Auricula Theatre, on shelves, on steps, in an alpine house; in fact you are only restricted by the space you have and your imagination, to create an exciting and interesting place where your auriculas can be admired.
North facing Auricula Theatre
 One thing to consider is the placement of you display. Auriculas do not do well in full sun; so I normally site mine in a North, East or West facing position. I also look to have some dappled shade on my East & West displays; this is normally given by some deciduous trees in the garden.
East - West facing mini Theatre
I do have one shelf display which is south facing but it is well shaded and I remove my auricula plants from this display after flowering, to a cooler position.
South facing shelves.
Auriculas hate full sun on their pots; the roots can cook and this might kill the plant.
East & North facing shelves.
I must admit I tend to favour a North facing site for my Auricula Theatre; it has a clear roof so the bloom stems grow straight up and do not bend towards the light, which can happen with a dark covered roof.
I also find that with a cool shaded position, they tend to bloom for a longer period.

North facing shelves
Sweden’s Auricula Club has been mentioned in the latest  issue No.1, 2013, of Hemträdgården, Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård own magazine under the heading Medlemsakuellt by Stella Westerlund.
Medlamsakuellt by Sella Westerlund Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård

Anna-Karin's Auricula display in Sweden
 An interesting link I’ve added to Auricula Related Sites is Reginas Cottage  - Old Fashioned Borders.  Here they specialise in raising border auriculas, Trädgårdsaurikel, in the UK.
Border auriculas in large pot, in half shady position.

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