Wednesday, February 27, 2013

‘Din Trädgård’ Trädgårdsmässan 19th -21st april, Örebro

I will be showing some of my Auricula Collection in a traditional ‘Victorian Style’ Auricula Theatre.

During each and every day I will demonstrating 'How to take care of your Auriculas'. How to divide & propagate Auriculas; showing how to mix the correct soil, pots suitable for Auriculas and how to feed & water auriculas.
 If you are visiting the Garden Show do please come and visit me; I have been growing Auriculas in Sweden for nearly 12 years now and welcome the opportunity to pass on my experiences & knowledge of growing Auriculas in Sweden.
I can be found exhibiting together with ÖrebrosTrädgårdsförening & Studiefämjandet
Ray's fancy - MIMMI-

Ray's Stripe - SOFIA-

Monday, February 25, 2013

Good News from Ida & Gunilla

Both members Ida & Gunilla have reported that their Auricula seeds obtained recently from the club have already started to grow.

It will be exciting to see the results, so do please keep us updated Ida & Gunilla.

Also of course if any other members have some news to share with us, please do let us know.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring care: part 1 Auriculas in pots.

This is one of the most exciting times of the year in the Auricula calendar.
The Auriculas start to awaken from their winter rest and begin to demand our attention.
When the temperature increases and the Auriculas have defrosted, then it is time to examine your Auriculas. For me, this is usually in late February/March or even in some years not until the beginning of April.
Auriculas with old winter leaves
The first thing to do is to remove all the old and damaged leaves; then if they are dry, give them a little water. Most of mine have not had water for nearly five months; the last time I watered them was in September, since then they have been frozen solid.
Old winter leaves removed & lightly watered
Do not over water; give them just enough water so that they are just moist.
Some of them, particularly those in clay pots, can be very dry and if you try to water them the water runs straight through. I stand them in a saucer of water for a while until they have started to absorb some water.
When the plants begin to show some signs of new growth, I start to feed them.
I use a half strength solution of a liquid general purpose fertiliser.
URBAN showing new growth from the carrot
 If you’ve had your auriculas in a green house, cold frame or in a protected place such as on your balcony, you can now move them to their ‘spring/summer place’, the place where they are going to bloom. I.e. Auricula Theatre, shelves, etc, see displaying your auriculas
EMIL in bud 23 Feb 2013
 Now the flower buds should start to appear. On my plants they usually appear around late March, April to May depending on the weather and the Auricula cultivar. But sometimes as can be seen from these two pictures it can be much earlier, some like to show off and beat the others to bloom first.
JOHAN in bud 23 Feb 2013
They normally bloom in full from May to June, again this depends on the weather and the auricula cultivar, I have some which bloom later and some which re-bloom (remonterar) such as Asbeau.
 I tend to increase the feed strength to a ¾ strength mix for the doubles when buds appear, as I find this helps them to develop their blooms fully.
  Now it is just to enjoy all the beautiful blooms on your auriculas and get up close and smell the delicate scent many of them have.
Ancient Society
 Next week I will write about spring care for auriculas in borders.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Förbeställning av Auriculas/Pre-ordering of Auriculas

Crimson Glow

Members can now pre-order and reserve Auriculas from Ray’s Perennials.

All members should have now received Newsletter No. 4 giving further details.

If any member has not received their newsletter please let me know.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Allers Trädgård – Garden Magazine

There is a very nice article written in issue 2 / 2013 of Allers Trädgård garden magazine concerning my Auriculas.
I always appreciate a well written article about Auriculas; great pictures as well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marianne's Border Auricula & Norfolk Auricula Show 2011

Marianne's seed raised Border Auricula
Marianne a new club member has kindly sent a picture of her seed raised Border Auricula & also some pictures she took of the Norfolk Auricula Show held in April 2011,at West Acre Nursery near Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us Marianne.
Norfolk Auricula show 2011

Norfolk Auricula Show 2011

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Displaying Auriculas

East facing Auricula Theatre

There are many ways you can display your auriculas. You can display them in a traditional Auricula Theatre, on shelves, on steps, in an alpine house; in fact you are only restricted by the space you have and your imagination, to create an exciting and interesting place where your auriculas can be admired.
North facing Auricula Theatre
 One thing to consider is the placement of you display. Auriculas do not do well in full sun; so I normally site mine in a North, East or West facing position. I also look to have some dappled shade on my East & West displays; this is normally given by some deciduous trees in the garden.
East - West facing mini Theatre
I do have one shelf display which is south facing but it is well shaded and I remove my auricula plants from this display after flowering, to a cooler position.
South facing shelves.
Auriculas hate full sun on their pots; the roots can cook and this might kill the plant.
East & North facing shelves.
I must admit I tend to favour a North facing site for my Auricula Theatre; it has a clear roof so the bloom stems grow straight up and do not bend towards the light, which can happen with a dark covered roof.
I also find that with a cool shaded position, they tend to bloom for a longer period.

North facing shelves
Sweden’s Auricula Club has been mentioned in the latest  issue No.1, 2013, of Hemträdgården, Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård own magazine under the heading Medlemsakuellt by Stella Westerlund.
Medlamsakuellt by Sella Westerlund Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård

Anna-Karin's Auricula display in Sweden
 An interesting link I’ve added to Auricula Related Sites is Reginas Cottage  - Old Fashioned Borders.  Here they specialise in raising border auriculas, Trädgårdsaurikel, in the UK.
Border auriculas in large pot, in half shady position.