Saturday, January 12, 2013


Ray's stripe JESSIKA

Stripes are exactly as the name describes, they have radial stripes formed by meal or colour.
Many of the stripes are somewhat uneven and have a ragged edge or outline; this is because the stripes are formed from two different materials (edge & body) which tend to grow at different rates.
The cultivars that have a more even form are those that have one body colour and the stripe is formed by farina.
Ray's stripe NATASHA

Ray's stripe SOFIA

Ray's stripe GERDA
An odd stripe is Merlin which is classified as a double stripe.
Stripes are interesting, easy to grow and do very well in Sweden.
Merlin - double stripe
Blush Baby
Lord Saye en Sele
 Next week I will be writing about sowing auricula seeds.

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