Saturday, January 26, 2013

Propagating Auriculas by Division

Marie Crosse ready for division.

Propagating auriculas by division is easy to do. Propagating by division is the only way to create new plants which are identical to the mother plant.
The best time, I have found, is to divide the auriculas just after blooming. This is normally in late June, July (in Sweden); but can be in August for some of the late bloomers. I try and have all my auriculas that need dividing; divided by the middle of August, so that they have a chance to root before the frosts and minus temperatures come in September/October.
Marie Crosse diveded into three plants.
After blooming, lift the auricula out of its pot and gently remove the soil from the roots. This can be done by gently shaking the plant; but if the soil is reluctant to leave the roots and it is difficult to clearly see where to divide, I wash the roots gently in a bowl of water to remove the soil.
It is normally very easy to see where the offsets can be gently pulled from the mother plant. Carefully pull the offset/division from the mother plant. If there are any old bloom stems attached cut them off and trim away any damaged or rotten old roots.
Potted and labeled, three from one, Marie Crosse.
Plant the offsets/divisions in new pots (around 7cm to 8cm pots) using fresh auricula soil and give them just a small amount of water.
Place them in a cool shady place until they have grown some fresh roots as well as show some signs of growth. Keep the plants just barely moist, do not over water.
If an offset/division comes off without any roots, I have found it helps to use a little rooting powder on them.
Next week I will be writing about displaying auriculas.

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