Saturday, December 29, 2012


Ray's Fancy MIMMI

Fancies are auriculas which do not conform to the standards set down for the other classes or groups. They are normally edges which do not fit into the desired requirements to be described as a classical Green, Grey or White Edge. They are very varied in colour and form; with multi-coloured petals and often with a light covering of farina on both petals and leaves.
They are normally grown in pots, but some do very well when grown in the garden border. I have Minley, Tosca, Blue Chip, Idmiston, Green Shank, Green Isle, plus a few others growing in my auricula borders.(see growing Auriculas in borders)
Green Shank

Blue Chip

Those that have little or no farina on their leaves or petals are best suited to grow in borders as they are not so spoiled by the rain.
I think that fancies are underrated, there are many unusual and beautiful fancies available.


Green Isle


Green Pastures
Ray's fancy JOHAN

Ray's Fancy VIKTOR


Trafalger Square

Hinton Fields
This is a selection of the fancies in my collection, more can be seen on
Next week I will be writing about Self auriculas.

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