Friday, December 14, 2012

Double Auriculas.

Ray's double EMMA
Double auriculas are where there is a doubling of the flower petals. This can vary from very tight compact petals such as Baltic Amber or more open petals such as Mary. The petals can be one coloured or shaded. There are many colour variations available and many are highly scented.
Baltic Amber
I tend to give my doubles a little more feed in the spring, as I have found that this helps them to develop their double pips (blooms) better. See ‘Watering & feeding my Auriculas in Sweden’.
Ray's double BIRGITTA

Ray's double INGA-LILL

Ray's double KRISTINA

Ray's double JOHANNA
More doubles can be seen on Ray's Perennials

Next week I will be writing about The Edges, Green, Grey & White edge auriculas.

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