Saturday, December 8, 2012

Border Auriculas.

Ray's border VILMA
Border auriculas are the easiest and hardiest of the auricula groups. They are very tolerant and can be grown in the garden border or in pots.

I feel they are a rather neglected group, many growers prefer to grow the more exotic fancies and edges. But you might well be surprised how beautiful some of these borders are.
Ray's border IDA
 There are no precise standards for borders other than that they should be strong healthy plants, with a good head of flowers above the foliage on a strong stem.
They are particularly suited to the Swedish climate; being more commonly known here as ‘Trädgårdsaurikel’.
Ray's border JOHNNY
 Some of the oldest varieties can be found in the border group; i.e. ‘Osbourne Green’ which some sources claim that it is more than 200-years old.
Osbourne Green
 Next week I will be writing about Double auriculas.
Dales Red
Ray's border EMIL
Ray's border ERHARD
Old Irish Green

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